EMOTION – You better believe it!!!!!

Now before I begin this “lengthy” report I have to own up and tell you my reader that its been written over a “period” of days over what has proved to be an EMOTIONAL weekend so just to help you attempt to understand the UPS and often downs of being a BCFC devotee I have tried to put it into some chronological time / date order.  Thanks Si.



So as it now looks extremely likely that BCFC will be plying their trade in Division One next season (This first part of todays report was written before both the “absolutely crucial” six pointers against Florest and Cov) the post mortems will soon begin as to just WHERE it has all gone wrong?


Who would have thought a mere 1416 days ago that we would be facing the stark reality of relegation.


Why exactly 1416 days ago I hear you ask?  Well exactly 1416 days ago at 15:00 precisely we kicked off our Championship Play Off Final against Hull City at Wembley.  At that point we were 90 plus minutes and one goal for versus none conceded away from the “Promised Land.”  Unfortunately history will forever tell that a certain Dean Windass popped our balloons and our ambitions and since then it has been a one way direction – downwards, coincidentally, for both ourselves and Deano?  As we put up with what at this stage of writing appears to be a pretty futile fight against relegation, Deano recently admitted that he sadly attempted suicide twice early this year as he battled against the combined demons of alcohol and depression.


Interesting that of the 16 players plus management who represented BCFC on that day it is further interesting to note that there are only four surviving members – Fonts, Louis Carey, Jamie Mac and Mav.  That figure hardly represents a “building for the future” philosophy?  But then again of the Hull team who defeated us, the only person that I can find who is still with the Tigers is Nicky Barmby who only lasted 67 minutes of the final but is now their manager.


Now since that fateful day in May, 2008, City have played a total of 132 league matches (Before Florest away) winning, 41, drawing 37 and losing 54.  A win rate percentage of 40%.  Also during this spell we have scored a total of 152 goals but conceded a total of 193.  We have also accrued a total of 160 points but our opponents have taken a total of 236.  The most worrying stats are these that of the totals above, this season has produced the following ONLY:-


Goals for 34 – 22.37%

Goals conceded – 63 – 32.65%

Points gained – 37 – 23.13%


So just “where” has it gone wrong????  There are numerous possible reasons???  Lack of investment, quality of players signed, poor management decisions, over paid / under performing players, etc. etc. etc.  When / if we go down the recriminations will last long into the night but, I have my own theory and its this:-


Unfortunately it is a fact of life that whenever or wherever there is failure in the fullness of time the person / persons at the top of the pile ultimately have to take responsibility?  Now unlike the players and the management the one “constant” from 24th May, 200 8is the man at the top – Steven Phillip Lansdown.  Now before anyone thinks that I am going to use this column to vilify and take a cheap shot at our ex Chairman, forget it.  I like lots of others are very grateful for the amount of money and time that Steve has given to BCFC but there is one area which I think is crucial which has been “spearheaded” by SL and I personally think has played a massive part in us being where we are today and that is:-


Bristol City Council Planning application number 09/02242/P

Now before anyone asks, in July, 2009, Bristol City football club under the Chairmanship of Steve Lansdown  formally submitted the above planning application for a new 30,000 seat stadium to be built on land at Ashton Vale which is owned by the said Mr.Lansdown. At time of writing this planning application has still not been formally agreed and is ongoing.

But I would ask anyone with any connection to our beloved club, is it just a mere coincidence that since July, 2009 the fortunes of the one thing that actually DOES matter ie The team have gone distinctly downwards.  The reason (In my humble opinion) is very simple –

Those at the top have completely taken their focus off of team affairs and got so engrossed with the fantasy that might be a “new stadium” that as of today we are looking at a potential “Armageddon” at BCFC. 

Now I do not use the phrase “Armageddon” lightly?  I will explain. 

For their actual on field achievements this season most sane City supporters would have to agree that most if not all of the players have certainly under achieved this season and certainly cannot justify their extortionate salaries or their prestigious motors parked each match day around the back of the Atyeo stand.  Therefore when / if we fall into Division one it would be hoped that players salaries / packages would fall similarily?  I have got information that this is not the case and at least three of the current first team squad who are under contract for next season will still retain Championship based packages whichever division they are plying their trade in?  Presently, Calamity, Jamie Mac, Carey, Kung Fu Clarkson, Campbell-Ryce, Cisse, Edwards, Jackson, Ball and Pearson all have contracts who are up at the end of the season.  I cannot believe that with the onset of Division One football the vast majority if not all of these will be looking for other employment come June / July if not before?  I also think that it goes without saying that as soon as the final whistle goes at Turf Moor on 28th April that the likes of Spence, McGivern, Wood, Keinan, Mr,T and Ephraim will be sent back to where they came from in the first place? But this still leaves the likes of Fontaine, Nyatanga, Elliott, Kilkenny, Stead, The Hairband, Gherken, Skusy, Taylor, Bolasie, Wilson, Adomah, Foster, Reid, Ribeiro, Pitman and Scrumpy still very much employed.  Now “if” we had beaten the boys from the Humberside and only survived one season in the premiership we would have at least collected a parachute payment of £48 million over four years, which I think would have been able to look after the next few years in the Championship (Just where are Hull whilst I write this????), but, according to a recent interview with Darren MacAnthony the Peterborough chairman the similar parachute payment for Championship teams relegated to Division One is a “one off” £100,000????  Now £100,000 will most certainly not go very far when we already “allegedly” already pay out more than 100% of our total income in players salaries.

Now presently our average home attendance in the Championship this season is 13,079.  When / if we drop down to Division One I think you can easily knock at least 5,000 off of this average, even if prices are set at a level compatible to the league that we are playing in?

So in simple mathematics the loss on gate receipts will be approximately £75,000 per game.  This is at a time when already our outgoings are already well over our incomings. 

It is also worth considering that again I was informed by a very reliable source of the “bean counting” community who actually carried out some of the early number crunching on the proposed new stadium that just to BREAK EVEN on every match day the attendance would have to be 23,000!!!  Now that again is simple maths – Even “if” we some how managed to keep our average attendance at its present figure of 13,000 we would still have to find from “somewhere” an additional 10,000!!! Paying members of the public and this is just to break even?  Now I don’t to worry Sex Bomb and his mates but if a straw poll of my own work colleagues (All either existing or previous season ticket holders) out of the five of us who turned up on Saturday, 6th, August at home to Ipswich, I am the ONLY one who will be present at home against Coventry – Plus of the four absentee’s, one has gone to local non league football and the other three have just “had enough” so I am sorry to report that “if” this trend is continued throughout the chances of us gaining an ADDITIONAL 10,000 are virtually zero.

So now everything will point, again, in simple economic terms that we will be FORCED to sell off some of our assets just to survive.  So just what are,our assets?

Forget Ashton Gate stadium.  That is not owned by Bristol City football but is owned by Steve Lansdown.

The management???  Well it remains to be seen “if” Del Boy will want to stay for much longer now that he has had long enough to assess the exact size of the task that is in front of him?  He just “might” be a good football manager but a miracle worker in the “Loves and fishes” category he certainly aint.

Therefore as far as I can see the only actual assets that are owned by Bristol City Football Club are …………………………………………………. The players or more accurately THOSE players who remain once the natural expired contract” cull has been executed.  Now I ask you to review the highlighted names above and make a “best guess” on just exactly how many would actually be wanted by any other teams, especially, taking into account the fact that I was once reliably informed by someone who had worked in the game for many years “That nearly all teams are extremely reluctant to look at buying a player who has the word ‘relegaton’ on their playing CV, unless, the buying price is an absolute ‘give away’”.  Fontaine, perhaps, but then again, Southampton have hardly come back calling since their failed attempt earlier this season to buy him?  Elliott and Adomah, whilst both in the past have certainly been some of our better performers neither have really pulled up any roots this season and “rumours” (That have been numerous in the past) about potential suitors have dried up completely.  Stead, clearly on effort alone to good for Div one, but, would be surprised if anyone would meet his existing contractual terms.  Skusy, might just be attractive to another championship team but cannot see him commanding a fee of anything more than six figures which these days is peanuts.  Pitman, on his goal ratio, “might” tempt someone but again at present I cannot see us getting anything like the “undisclosed fee of alleged £800,000 plus bonuses” that we paid to Bournemouth for his services.  As for the rest well again in my opinion, we would be extremely lucky to get half a million for the lot of them as a “Job Lot.”

So that only leaves David Lloyd, Big Nige, Scrumpy (The mascot type), Power Aid boy, the girls sat behind the turnstiles who are constantly texting and …………………………………………………………… Well that’s about it?  Just leaves dear old Les Radford to turn all the lights out, lock the doors and put the milk bottles out.


So this leaves us with the one common dominator – Steven Phillip Lansdown.

SL stood down as Chairman at the end of last season, stating that he wished to spend more of his time on other business / personal projects but would still retain the major  financial control at BS3.  To help him with this aim he “organised” a totally puppet board led by Colin Sex Bomb whom I am led to believe cannot authorise the purchase of a box of paper clips without getting the expressed permission of Steve. 

Now from a personal perspective I can only report that since SL stood down and especially since last Christmas when he purchased his new “plaything” Bristol Egg Chasers, I have not seen him present at Ashton in the flesh on a match day once!!!!  Whereas in the past at most home games I have had the pleasure of “chewing the cud” with SL the last time that I personally spoke to the man was for the Southampton home game last November.

So with an alleged “Piggy Bank” which contains approximately 280 million pounds, is it that with the continued hassle over the dream THAT WAS the new stadium plus the continued worsening performances on the pitch, SL has decided that his time and more importantly his money could be put to better use elsewhere?

So I think that you will all agree that the picture is slightly depressing even “if” we manage some sort of minor miracle and retain our Championship status but if as is highly likely we are relegated then the outcome really does not bare thinking about.


Now all of the above was written PRE Florest away and as is now true to form with anything connected to the results side of BCFC it was a case of very much “Expect the unexpected.”  The omens were not good.  On the opening titles to the game on SKY the presenter reported that City had not won a league game at the City Ground since before yours truly was born i.e. Over 54 years ago!!!!!  But as I am sure you are all aware history was re written and City returned home with all three points.

 I for one was certainly not full of optimism when I heard the team that Del Boy had chosen?  Once again his very own personal favourite and certainly NOT mine The Hairband somehow got a starting place and he chose both Stead and Wood together when all indications of them being paired together thus far suggests that they are just to much alike and hardly compliment each other.  Well whatever and I can only think (again) that Del Boy knows more about football management than yours truly but we certainly rode our luck and after a moment of “magnificent madness” by the short arsed Florest keeper when he flapped at a cross and then tried to compound his error by trying to decapitate Steady in the area our ONE AND ONLY shot on target in a total of 95 minutes played produced a win.  Some will say we were lucky?  Personally I thought Florest had more than a decent shout for a pen when Mr.T performed his “jumbo jet in take off mode” as he tried to “influence” Blackstock from connecting with a cross – Talking of Blackstock did anyone else notice just how many nasty challenges that he made culminating in Louis Carey needing stitches?  Presumably he has taken over the mantle of Nathan Tyson as being Florests very own “Pond Life”.  Lets not try and hide the fact McAllister had a nightmare of the Michael Jackson Thriller class and his cause was not helped by the total lack of protection in front of him, especially in the first half that was NOT provided by The Hairband who perhaps I watch with “rose coloured spectacles” but I thought a bit like the cartoon character Road Runner run around a lot but actually produced the square route of sweet F all!!!  The only thing that I can say about The Hairband is that our luck in not having a penalty being awarded against us when Mr.T tried to take out Blackstock, Hairband had a perfectly good goal chalked off in added time when the lino clearly recognised just WHO had put the ball in the net and recognising that it WAS The Hairband clearly could not believe that he score legitimately therefore the flag was raised!!!  In contrast to McAllisters shocker, Hairbands ineffectiveness, Ephraim hardly had a kick and worryingly he was substituted for the third game running, but there was sterling shifts from Captain Courageous Carey, Gerken who made at least one world class save and my own personal MOM Cisse who just seems to do the simple things well. 

Aided by some particularly good pear cider yours truly must have kicked every ball during the 95 minutes and probably due to the “total importance” of the game I am being led to believe that some of the language used by moi (Presumably most of it aimed in the direction of those playing on the LEFT hand side of our team) was some of the worst “experienced” by she who must be obeyed in 35 years married bliss and strife.  This show of “Total emotion” resulted in an evening of total silence in the Wheeler house hold but it was a very small price to pay for a brilliant three points and “if” I did over step the mark then it was purely because it MEANT something, as it should to all of us fellow City fans.

Yes I am EMOTIONAL about my team and I make no excuse for showing that EMOTION.  I am desperate for us to stay up as us going down does not bear thinking about and I just hope that the team have not used up to much of THEIR emotion and strength in gaining these three points at Florest as in just over 24 hours time from writing this part of the report they have a game which at the minimum is just as important as the Florest game and in some ways probably MORE important as a win will put us four points clear of Cov and with two hard games to come in Brum away and the Hammers at home we sure do need that gap?

So I just hope that its not a case of “After the Lord Mayors show” and we can build on the Florest result not ruin it by falling to our eleventh home defeat of the season and one of the main things that we are going to need to help us get those three points is all of us, fans and players alike is EMOTION …………………… and if it costs us another quiet night then so be it!!!!!!!


So the big day has now arrived.  Very wet and blustery.  For those of you who are used to the English Bank Holiday we have typical bank holiday weather.  Now I have a confession to make on this subject?  I am ashamed to admit that I have totally failed in the way in which I have brought up my four offspring?  Two have zero interest whatsoever (Although the way in which we have been performing thus far this season that just might not be such a bad idea???), my daughter shows an interest but living in the wilds of North Wales and being engaged to a Man U fan im afraid me thinks that her allegiances might be more with Old Trafford than the “other” Theatre of Dreams!!!  But I am proud to state “That at least my eldest is red through and through” – JUST ONE OF THE MANY THINGS THAT I AM EXTREMELY PROUD ABOUT HIM – but unfortunately there are just a few minor details that he needs a little “further” education on???  The first one being – When to book a holiday?  Now the extreme reason for moi to miss my one and only home game at Ashton this season (V Brum) has been extremely well documented as he chose that following week to “tie the knot” to Jen in NYC therefore it meant we all had to travel on the preceding weekend thus bang went this seasons 100% attendance record?  Now owing to the reason I have just about forgiven him for this mistake of the “Floated Bradders cross” type, but, I now have to report to you all that on this day of all days, when as Lord Kitchener once said and as Sex Bomb stated this week


At the exact time of kick off at 3 o’clock this afternoon he hopefully will just have arrived at Brother In Laws villa in Southern Turkey!!!!  Now im sorry but he really has not thought this through?  Piss poor planning I call it and yes I have considered stopping his pocket money but as he is 30 and probably earns shed loads more than me, I think that he wont worry!!!! 

So for a game that Sex Bomb has described as being just as, if not as important as the famous 2-2 draw at Coventry’s sadly now no longer Highfield Road on 19th May, 1977, Gow and Gillies – I was there, CJRW will be sunning himself alongside the Med?  So I have had to bring on a late “substitute” in my boss PK.  PK has a reasonable record for home games this season the last one he attended was Saints at home and we all know how that ended  – Lets just hope that he is a “lucky omen”.

So with CJRW making a “total schoolboy error” by not consulting his fixture list before he booked his flights and Tims good lady looking as though she will probably miss the rest of the season after having to undergo knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago it looks like it will be down to myself and the “Big Man” to “Get behind the lads”.

So I now apologise further.  Obviously I will have to keep our Turkish correspondent regularly updated via text plus me thinks that this afternoons hour and a half is going to be “pressurised” I will not be making the actual match report as “in depth” as normal, it will just be a round up to the best of my memory but with hopefully the usual marks out of 10 and hopefully the “famous” GSGM thrown in.

So with just about to get kitted out for the big game and I just “might” have a further confession to make later on depending on the result concerning lucky clothing, fingers crossed and COME ON YOU REDS.


So on arriving at the ground and even though the rain was absolutely “persistent” I dragged PK right round the ground to but a match prog and FREE Evening Post from my lucky programme seller?  Yes I know its superstition but im stuck with it!!!!  Going through the turnstiles past the by now normal girl texting her mates!!! the first person that I saw walking straight towards me was none other than the previously mentioned Stephen Phillip Lansdown!!!!  Well my gob had never been so smacked so hard?  Like “old friends” do me and Steve ……………………….. Alright yes I did feel a total c@*% for knowing what I had previously written???  Sorry Steve, honest, warmly shook hands and exchanged mutual greetings.  As was predicted Cov had travelled in large numbers and in fact boosted the crowd to a seasons highest of 19,003 – The three being myself, Big Tim and PK!  First piece of good news was that Del Boy had decided to use the hairband in his best position:-


Very wide left, high up in the Williams!!!!  Just what is it about Del Boy?  He will bring a player in for one game then whoosh he disappears again???  Presumably the Jocks do not have a similar term for “Consistent selection” or “Unchanged team” but in Del we trust.

When DL announced the team there were wholesale changes from the Florest win.  Out when Hairband, Carey, McAllister, Cisse, Wood and Ephraim and in came Pitman, Pearson, Fontaine, Adomah and McGivern with Cisse, Wood and Ephraim at least warming the bench.

City started kicking towards the massed ranks of Sky Blue fans in the East End.  In the first 10 minutes both sides looked understandably nervous and the hard driving rain made good football difficult.  The only note of threat that Cov had was the excellent dead ball delivery of their captain Sammy Clingan.  On the positive note for BCFC Cov had a young player at right back, Hussey, who was having a similar game as the one McAllister endured at the City Ground on Saturday evening.  Neither side really looked like troubling the score sheet until the 33rd minute when Albert made a rash challenge inside our half which was not required and from yet another excellent delivery from “Kling On” the ball brushed the top of Stead’s head and whistled past a bewildered Gerken into the bottom corner of our net.  Not for the first time this season the phrase “Cock” was expressed RATHER LOUDLY.  The rest of the first half (Once again) saw City playing nice, neat, SIDE WAYS, passes across our own back four whilst Coventry seemed quite content to put all 11 in their own half and let City come to them.

Now at this point I feel it is worth mentioning todays match referee, Scott Mathieson.  As my regular readers will know I have not always been impressed by some of the “so called” officials that we have endured at Ashton this season but at least this one certainly took account of the inclement weather conditions and instead of reaching for his yellow card left, right and centre appeared to use the law of “common sense.”

So City, yet again at BS3, went in losing in a match which could best be described as a “six pointer”.  I must admit the general opinion of most BCFC fans close by was that we would be lucky to get a point?  So things at precisely 15:50 did not look good and the aforementioned “Armageddon” looked dangerously possible?

Highlight of the half time interval was NO, not Viscocity who it appears do not appear if its raining, if its cold or if its dark!!! but a “Mascot race.  Contestants were Scrumpy, Coventry elephant named Sam???? (No I havent a Scooby Do either), some bloke in a St.George uniform and A N Other!!!!  Well I wish to enter this as the first entrant for the Glen Schmidt Golden Moment Award today as it certainly brought a few laughs, especially when Scrumpy “Rugby tackled” (Actually it looked more like a Welsh spear tackle) Coventry’s Sam just as he appeared to cross the line and win said mascot derby!!!!

 Glen would be so proud with all that running!!!!

Now before the second half began, I do not mind in reporting that I turned to Tom (The absent CJRW’s mate) and stated that I would bring on Bolasie in place of the ineffective Pearson as I just had a feeling that the game was made for Yannick – Oh how I was just SO proved to be right!!!

City kicked off the second half now attacking the vociferous masses of City fans in the Atyeo without making any changes and in the first minute of the half Pitmans corner was helped on by the City MOM Cole Skuse and this time Stead had the easy job of scoring in the right net from no more than a yard out.  HAPPY DAYS.  It was certainly a different City second half and with Adomah running the Cov youngster Hussey ragged and the midfield starting to take control the ball seemed to be only ever going in one direction – towards the Cov goal.  On the hour another Pitman corner almost brought another Stead goal but this time it was disallowed by referee Mathieson as Mr.T appeared to try and put the Coventry keeper into the back of the Atyeo!!!!  So City kept on putting the ball down the right and Adomah continued to beat the hapless Hussey to the point that Cov soon withdrew their left back but still City could not produce a goal to take the lead.  Wood replaced the tiring Stead, Ephraim came on for Pearson and then with Yours Truly still telling everybody who would listen “That its MADE for Bolasie” finally with ten minutes to go Del Boy replaced Albert A. with the man Yannick.

Now I have said in this report previously that just “perhaps” Del Boy just “might” know a thing or two more about football management than yours truly, but, the timeline concerning the entrance of one  Yannick Bolasie or check the man out himself on http://www.yannickbolasie.com/

15:50 – Yours truly states that in my own opinion we should swap Pearson for Yannick as I have a “feeling” that todays game is made for Yannick.

16:10 – Once again with no sign of Yannick even warming up, I, once again loudly suggest that I would get Yannick on ASAP as its made for him?

16:38 – Again I utter that it has all the making of Yannicks day.

16:40 – Yannick appears on the sidelines “booted and suited” and replaces Albert adomah.

16:40:54 seconds – Yannick beats two Cov defenders in the area and places the ball between another two stranded like Coventrys mascot Sam on the goal line.  2 – 1 BCFC.

16:41 – Whilst all others around me go absolutely mental, yours truly stays firmly seated in his seat and with an almost Cantonesque disdain states quite matter of factly “told you so”!!!!  All others look at me with mouths open and heads shaking – No prob boys, just ask an EXPERT!!!!

This football management game its a total piece of piss?  Isnt it Del Boy.

Now Cov had to come at us and unusually for us City started taking the ball down to the corner flags and trying to play out time, notably in the shape of Wood, Yannick and Pitman and with three minutes left after one of these episodes the following happened as just reported on OTIB:-

Happened right in front of me in the Williams. As soon as Brett made the challenge I feared the worst and the ref (Who I thought considering the conditions had a good game) went straight for his bottom pocket and his red card. Not a lot of protests from Pitman and after the Cov player had received treatment he walked towards us with their physio and his sock had clearly been “shredded”.

Sorry but I cannot see us even thinking about appealing this one. 

So yet another red card and the prospect of facing an “uncomfortable” last possible 10 minutes with only 10 men.  But with Cov chucking every man and his dog forward City broke away in the second minute of four minutes added on time and Wood skillfully controlled a cross and hammered an unstoppable shot into the Cov net to complete a superb afternoons entertainment and a PRECIOUS three points.

So City had DONE IT and completed the magical six points from two CRUCIAL Easter matches against two of our main relegation rivals.  Oh happy day(s)

CITY (Marks out of 10)

Gerken – 6 – Not a major lot to do and could not really have done much about their goal but I for one are a dam sight more confident with Deano between the sticks than Calamity especially in this weather!!!!  At least the times that Deano punched the ball today he punched it AWAY from our goal.

McGivern – 5 – Improvement on Jamie McAllisters horror show at Florest but I still cannot believe we will see The Hairband lookalike at the Gate next season.

Foster – 4 – Headless chicken.  Out of his depth.

Fontaine – 5.5 – Clearly recognised that the conditions and the game did not require anything fancy so at the slightest hint of trouble it was Row Z.

Mr.T (Amougou) – 5 – Lost virtually every ball in the air to Coventrys Platt.

Skuse – 8 – MOM.  Committed, ran his socks off and clearly looked like he passionately cared.

Kilkenny – 6 – Ably supported Skusy and had an improved game.

Pearson – 4.5 – In one word. Unconsistent.  Has shown he has it but to often goes missing?  Will not lose any sleep if he is shown the door marked “Exit” at the end of the season?

Adomah – 6 – Certainly better game today but his opponent was woeful?  How much was Albert good or their left back crap????

Stead – 7 – If there is one player who has tried as hard as anyone over the last few games then its Steady?  Another hard working shift today rewarded with a “tap in”

Pitman – 4 – Starting to very much become a bloody “enigma”.  Whenever he comes off the bench looks fired up and very much “up for it” but when he starts does not seem to do very much.  His red card late in the game means that his season is almost over.


Ephraim (For Pearson) – 6 – Did not produce a lot playing wise BUT his reaction after Yannick scored our second when I he came running over towards us screaming clearly shows that he cares!!!!

Wood (For Stead) – 6 – Held the ball up well, took his goal well and certainly played his part.

Bolasie (For Adomah) – 7 – Well I think that I have said it all already???

And now for the prestigious Glen Schmidt Golden Moment Award:-

Today I have three nominations.

Firstly there is the aforementioned Mascot Derby at half time when Coventrys Elephant was “pole axed” by our very own Scrumpy (No not Damien Stewart – The bird in a suit!!!!)

Now secondly and I make no apologies for nominating MYSELF.  Sorry but it really has to be done?  Now I did tell you earlier (That’s if you are still awake) that I have certain personal “superstitions” regarding BCFC such as always buying my match programme from the same programme seller and in the past “if” we have won (I know it doesnt happen THAT often) I try to replicate my route down and back to/from the Gate.  I have also been known to wear the same ski hat, etc. when we have won and last season I started wearing the same pair of Dolci Gabbana boxer shorts when we went on a three match winning streak.  Earlier on this season in a moment of desperation I purchased a pair of RED Calvin Klein boxers in Copenhagen in a vain attempt that they would change our home form but no, they didnt work either, so today in a moment of TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS reverse psychology I can now confess that I ACTUALLY wore the following:-

Yes, SKY BLUE, boxers!!!!  Yes the colours of todays opponents Coventry. I am sorry Del, I didnt mean it, but, it just “might” have plyed a part and after all I did recommend the introduction of one Yannick Bolasie.

But no I cannot give the award to myself?  Just how self indulgent would that be?  So my final nomination for todays GSGM and the winner of this coveted prize and also preventing Calamity from securing a successive “hat trick” of awards goes to……………………………

Drum roll please, today, from the sole Cov drummer witnessed leaving the ground by PK and myself looking as though relegation is possibly a formality goes to………………………………..

THE CITY LEGENDS who before the game were individually introduced to the crowd by DL.  Legends such as Alan Dicks, Alec Briggs, SIR Geoffery Merrick, Paul Cheeseley, Gerry Sweeney, SIR Mike Gibson, SIR Buster Footman, Micky Tanner (Who????) the list just goes on.  How on a day like today could I have awarded the main award to anyone other than this group of greats?

SATURDAY, APRIL, 9th, 20:50

So a report that began last Friday is now being completed some how many days and hours later and its still absolutely pissing down outside.  Just “who” would have thought that we would have got all six points and at least given ourselves a fighting chance of retaining our Championship status?  Certainly not my missus who after not speaking for all of Saturday night pissed all over my truimphant roses on returning to the family home by informing me “That I just cannot see why you bother?  Go down there, get absolutely soaked and, by the way, make sure that you dont walk those dirty trainers into the house, ive cleaned that floor today”

See thats the problem with women and football – They just dont understand that ONE WORD


Well im off to try and locate a pair of royal blue boxers to wear on Saturday when we visit Brum!!!!

Keep it red, Come On You Reds, We are staying up, I said, We are staying up (Hopefully)

Take Care



Watched first City game in 1967. Now a season ticket holder in the Williams. Favourite City player(s) - Mike Gibson, Alan Walsh, Glyn Riley, Dariusz Djackanowski, John Galley, Bradley Orr, Geoff Merrick. 

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    April 12, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Some scary thoughts there Si. you’re right, we’ve financually got to stay up for the sake of the club. And staying up looks a lot better now after our Easter heroics, must have brought a smile back to all City fans, but lets not fool ourselves by thinking we’re staying up, there’s lots more to be done before we can relax and enjoy the summer, starting with Brum, which I think is by far our biggest hurdle, we never do well against them, and with them as desperate for the points as we are, I think we’ll do well to get a point but I’m not very optimistic. Which brings us onto West ham, I can see us beating them at the gate, we’ll definately be wound up for that one, 2-1 City. We should beat Barnsley at home, which could drag Barnsley right down into the relegation quogmire (don’t know about the spelling !), and that would be the six points I thinlk we’ll need to stay up. If not, we’ll still have Burnley away who have nothing to play for, but it won’t be easy. I’ll take a draw, but if we do need a win, I’m sure there will be thousands of Cidereds to cheer the boys through. A lose to Brum and West Ham and we’re back to squeeky bum times !
    We were fortunate enough to see both Easter games live on this side of the pond, and we DID drink up our Cider all be it Magners, but it did go down well. We thought, Gerks and Amougou (Mr T)were magnificent at Forest. Cotrary to what you said Si, didn’t Albert played very well V Cov, but a good all round performance second half got us what we deserved
    Keep the reports coming Si, although, now I read them in two sittings !!!
    All the best,
    Steve B – Keep the Red Flag flying high (and your sky blue boxers). Give the boys a cheer from us at Brum – COYR………

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